Firearm Restoration - Part 1

Firearm Restoration - Part 1

Lohman Gunsmith specializes in firearm restoration.

Many firearms are passed down through the generations. You grow up as a boy seeing your father and grandfather use certain firearms. You admire them and as you grow older these guns get meaning and stories associated with them. As the relitives who owned these guns pass away they get more meaningful. Sometimes these guns are in really good condition and some time they are not. Getting a old firearm restored is a good way to preserve the memories and the firearm.

Why would someone want to get a gun restored?

I. Special meaning
II. Gun was in a fire
III. Gun was in a flood
IV. Gun has moisture damage
V. Just to bring back the gun to the original condition it came from at the factory.
VI. Just because

There are lots of reasons why people want to do a gun restoration and here at Lohman Gunsmith we are the best in the Houston Area.

Let’s talk about the gun restoration’s. Just like doing a restoration on a car they are many levels to do a restoration on a firearm. Each level of restoration cost more. Sometimes the restoration will cost more than what the gun is worth. At this time you need to think about if you want to pass the gun down to another generation or if you want to have a wall hanger or if you just want to put it back in the gun safe and think about all the memories you had with it.

In part two of Firearm Restoration we will look at the different levels of restoration

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