Lohman Gunsmith repairs anything that goes bang! We are one of the few Gunsmiths in Houston or in the USA that work on full auto firearms.

We have over 200,000 pre 1980’s gun parts on site and order parts that we need every day.

We are one of the only gunsmiths around that fix broken stocks on a regular basis.

If you need that gun cleaned for the up coming season we can take it completely apart and put it in the parts washer and inspect every part before putting it back together.

We are one of the few Gun shops that uses a bore scope to inspect your firearm, and a sight pusher to be able to take your sights off with out damage.

We offer walk in service for small repairs, services, or installs while you wait.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have a stuck round in my firearm. Can you take it out? Yes, please give us a call at 832 849 0009 before you come in with it

Can you do work on my firearm while I wait? Yes, small jobs that take under 30 min we can do while you wait.

Can you repair NFA items? Yes Please bring your paper work with you. It is the Law!

Do you have a sight pusher to take out sights? Yes

Do you have a Bore Scope to inspect my barrel? Yes

Scope Leveling kit

Scope Leveling

Installed recoil pad

Recoil Pad Installation

Stippling a handgun


Repairing the trigger of a A.H. Fox Sterlingsworth

A.H. Fox Sterlingsworth trigger repair

barrel is bent

Bent barrel

Barrel has been straighten

Repaired bent barrel

Browning Citori shotgun broken forend repaired and refinished to factory high gloss

Browning Citori, forend repaired and refinished to factory high gloss

Live round stuck in barrel

Live round taken out

Working on a AR 15

Broken Stock split in half repair

Broken stock repair

Silver soldering on front sight

Sight Pusher - We can remove your sight without causing damage

Jacob fitting a new recoil pad

Repairing a Browning 1919 Full Auto

Cleaning a Smith & Wesson revolver

Polshing cylinder and engagments on revolver

Trigger jobs for one client

Fixing timing issue on Smith & Wesson Revolver


japanese nambu pistol in for repair

Jacub with the long drill bit