Gun Cleaning - Deep Clean, Oil, Assemble (DCOA)

Gun Cleaning - Deep Clean, Oil, Assemble (DCOA)

Maintenance is probably the best thing you can do to any type of machine, engine, and gun. Just like taking your car in for regular oil change you need to take your guns in for a professional gun cleaning. Lohman Gunsmith is Houston Gun Cleaning experts. We have over 100 years of experience. At Lohman Gunsmith we do gun cleaning, repairs, coatings, machine, and build custom guns. We see more guns than any other gunsmith and that is one of things that makes us Houston Best Gunsmith.

When you take your gun into be clean you don't want someone that is just a gun cleaner. You want a professional that builds guns and knows how guns work. If you do not know how the gun functions then it is hard to know how to clean it. You can't just take the action apart and put it in a sonic cleaner. That is why do do things different than other gunsmiths.

We are able to do gun cleaning on any firearm you own like  pistols, revolver, any type of shot guns, and bolt or semi auto guns. We have done gun cleaning on firearms as old as the 1500's.

This is the process we follow for a regular gun cleaning.

First we will disassemble the entire gun. This is every screw, spring, and detent.

Second we will clean each part. We do this by hand and certain parts will be put in a sonic cleaner.

Third we will inspect each part for wear and worn out parts. If a part is worn we will look and see why this is happening and relay it to the customre.

Forth we will oil or lubricate the part if necessary

Fifth we will assemble the gun.

Sixth we will test fire the gun, and call the customer for pick up.

Bring your gun into Lohman Gunsmith for your gun cleaning

Click here to go to Lohman Gunsmith Web Site 11875 West Little York, Suite 701, Houston TX 77041 Phone: 832 - 849-0009

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