Gun Repairs - Part 3 Shotgun Repairs

In Gun Repair – Part 2 I talked about rifle repairs, and some of the most common repairs we see. In Gun Repair – Part 3 Shotgun Repairs I will talk about all the different repairs we do with shotguns.

Most of the problems can be fixed on shotguns with a good deep clean. The best way to do this is take in completely apart. That means every screw and spring need to come out get inspected, cleaned and oiled. Once the you get that done and put back together most of the problems fix them self. Why does a good clean mix most of the problems. The reason is most everyone is harder on a shot gun than any other weapon. You use it as a ore in your boat when you need to move faster. You use it as crutch in the water and in the field. More dirt salt and sand get into shotguns than any other gun. You hunt in all kinds of weather and in and out of the water. All these little particles get into every part of the gun.

When you field clean your shotgun most people do not take the choke out. Yes, I did it this last time when I hunted Pheasants in South Dakota, but when I got back to Texas I did a better clean and took the choke out. You should only hand tightened the choke to start with so it should be easy to take out.

Some of the most common issues we see with shotguns are:
Problems ejecting a shotgun shell, weak primer strikes. This is a lot of time caused by worn out mainsprings or worn firing pins.

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