Gun Safety - Part 2

In Gun Safety part 1 I talked about education and children. Now in Gun Safety part 2 I am going to go over some of the golden rules of gun safety.

Here are a few Rules to think about:
A. A gun is always loaded
B. First thing you do when you pick up a gun is to check and see if it is loaded.
C. Never keep a loaded gun unlocked in your house if you have kids or when people that have kids come over.
D. Never point a gun at anyone
E. Never chamber a round in your gun unless you are ready to shoot it and everyone around you is in a safe place or a safe distance away
F. Always wear glasses when you fire your gun. So you do not get any poweder or a case in your eye.
G. Always wear ear protection
H. Buy a gun safe to keep your guns in. For safety and so if you get broken into they can not get to your guns.
I. Always transport your guns in a case
J. Never leave guns unsecured in your car. Buy a gun vault for your car
K. Always check to see if your gun is loaded before you clean it. This is the number 1 time when someone shoots themselfs because they do not pay attention to Rule A.
L. Alwyas keep your ammo locked up.

I have listed a few of the golden rules of gun safety. The most important rule is to always treat a gun as if it is loaded.

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