Firearm Repairs

Firearm Repairs

Chances are if you have a gun you have needed firearm repairs or have thought about an upgrade. Lots of people enjoy taking things apart, but they can not always get them back together. Every week we get a bag or box with a gun and several parts in it. Chances are people just tried to put a part in backwards or up side down. These are the very easy ones to put back together as long as all the parts are there.

Here at Lohman Gunsmith we repair or can fix any gun that you might have in your collection.

Below is a recent project we worked on. This is a Ruger Super Black Hawk. In this fun project we took the orginal fron sight off and then cut the barrel down. Why would you want to cut the barrel down on a big gun like this. The simple answer is he wanted the gun to fit in his holster. When the gun was at full lenght it stuck out the bottom of his holster. When a firearm sticks out the bottow of the holster you can encounter all types of problems. One you could catch it on something. If you do any riding on horse back it could be a bad day if the rains became hooked around the bottom of the holster and you got bucked off. 

Next we cut a new crown on the end of the barrel. Cutting a crown on a barrel is very important and it is more important that the crown be cut very even. When the bullet is fired there are gases that are released. When these gases are release they have to go somewhere. These gases expand and head for the end of the barrel. If the crown is uneven then the gases will slip past on one side more than the other side. Without getting in to chemistry you will get more gas push on one side than the other. So as a result the bullet will get pushed more to one side than the other. The end result will cause the bullet to come out of the barrel erratic. Which could lead to the bullet tumbling at the very worse or you could get groups all over the place. 

After we cut a new crown on the lathe we drilled and tapped a new post for the front sight. In the picture below we are silver soldering on the front sight. According to Wikipedia, silver solder is "is a fusible metal alloy used to create a permanent bond between metal workpieces". I could not have said it better. The silver solder is very easy to work with and it make a very good bond. According to Wikipedia "soft solder typically has a melting point range of 90 to 450 °C" All I know is it is red hot and you do not want to touch it. 

Now that we have the front sight on we will cerakote it. This client wanted to use a midnight blue. This is one of my favorite colors because it is the closest to bluing. The client had the option for us to do the old slow rust bluing on it but he chose cerakote. Cerakote is a very durable coating that come in more than 100 colors. This coating is tough to scratch and will not rust. Which is a very good benefit, and why we cerakote so many shot guns.

If you are looking for a simple repair like putting on new front sights or an entire custom project contact us at Lohman Gunsmith.

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