Broken Stock Repair

Broken Stock Repair

As I read the morning Houston Chronicle paper. Yes I am probably the last person on earth that gets a morning paper everyday, and reads every section. I read the headline World-famous Houston heart surgeon, Dr. Denton Cooley has died. As I read all the great things he did I think about what project I am going to work on at the shop today. The broken stock is one of the projects on the top of my list. I think about the relationship of a broken stock and heart that is not working and needs repair.

Like Denton Cooley who he and his team preformed more than 118,000 open heart surgerys we have fixed many broken stocks. It takes a special skill and accuracy to be able to fix a broken stock and very few gunsmiths will take on such a task.

The first step in fixing a broken stock is to take the gun apart. After you have the gun apart you will find all the pieces of the broken stock, and you fit them back together and you can use Acraglas Gel to bond all the parts together. We will pry the split open just a little so we can get more gel in for a better bond. We will clap the pieces on the stock and let it sit for two or three days

The second step we do is drill a hole to secure both of the broken parts back together.

The third step is done once you have the hole drilled then we use threaded brass pins and we will screw them into the hole. We will put acraglas gel on the threads and in the hole so we have a tight bond.

After everything is done the stock is probably going to be stronger than it was orginally. Something we will then do a restoration on the stock or in some cases people do not mind a little scar on the stock as it adds character and a story.

At Lohman Gunsmith we can fix almost any broken stock. Below is our broken stock in repair. We have just completed step one and will do step two next week

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