If you want to do a restoration project on a gun that was your fathers or grandfathers, Lohman Gunsmith can bring your firearm back to life.

We are able to blue your gun back to the original type of bluing finish it had on it.   

We even can do slow rust bluing  just like the gun makers did 100 years ago is almost a lost art and provides the best rust and corrosion resistance for you firearm.

At Lohman Gunsmith we do a hand polish of 320 / satin, 400 / semi gloss or matchless / high gloss.

Nitre Bluing:

At Lohman Gunsmith we generally nitre blue small parts like pins, screws, sights, thumb safetyand so on, but Nitre Bluing cannot be done on heat treated parts like springs, slides and receivers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you hand polish? Yes

I dont want to pay a lot to get my gun redone. Can you help me? Yes we do not have to do a high match polish. We will work with you to get the level of restoration you want.

Do you do the slow rust bluing and nitre bluing at your shop? Yes we do it all in house

Blued colt 1903 by Lohman Gunsmith

Colt 1903 after bluing

Bluing on a Marlin 336

Marlin 336 blued

Les Baer 1911 Bluing project

Les Baer 1911 Bluing project complete

All prep work done on Remington 700 and ready to blue

Remington 700 prepped and ready to blue

Colt Gold Cup after Bluing

Colt Gold Cup Bluing

Restoration where we re blued an old revolver

Bluing restoration on a revolver

Military restoration bluing finish on revolver

Military restoration bluing finish

Bluing on a 410 hammer gun

Bluing and color case on a 410 hammer gun

Bluing and color case of a Parker Shotgun

Ruger Vaquero revolver Cylinder slow rust blued

Ruger Vaquero Cylinder slow rust blued

Spanish revolver cylinder slow rust blued

Side by side slow rust blued