Gun Safety - Part 1

Gun Safety is one of those things your Dad probably talked about when you first started handeling guns. Probably the only other time you heard someone talk about it was when you took your local hunter safety training class so you could get a hunting license.

Why don’t we talk more about gun safety? Probably because the people that are against the second amendment want to take our guns away. I get it they have there views and I have mine, but I think each school should talk about gun safety. Why? The more educated you are the less chance you will make a poor decision about something. If we saved one life it would be well worth it.

Here are a few things to think about. No one has ever been shot with a loaded gun by accident? What does that mean? It means when you pick up a gun you should expect it to be loaded. If it is load then you would not have it pointed at anyone.

Kids are curious about everything. Boys are more curious at a younger age than girls about guns. You don’t have to go into a long talk about guns with them. You need to teach them that guns can kill and that you never play with guns. If you teach your child about gun safety then if they are at a friends house and someone get a gun out your child can be the one that says we should not play with guns.

In part 2 we will go over the rules of Guns.

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