Gun Repairs - Part 2 Rifle Repairs

In Gun Repairs – Part 1 Hand gun Repairs I talked about all the different repairs we do with hand guns. In Part 2 I will talk about rifle repairs.

Rifle repairs are fun because the older rifles have a lot of memories for the person bringing it into the shop. They have memories of the deer and hunts with friends with each rifle. A lot of rifles are hand downs from Grandpa or Dad. I see a lot more sentimental value in rifles.

When it comes to repairs I see a lot of of people wanting to upgrade to a new trigger or a trigger job done or the trigger adjusted.

I see a lot of people bring in there old gun to get re-coated. We do a lot of cerakote on rifles.

I see a lot of guns that come in with failure to feed issues. This is when the round fails to feed and hit the bottom of the feed ramp and will not chamber the round. A lot of times this is a magazine issue.

Light Primer strikes – Always try a different ammo to rule that out. If it is not the ammo then it is probably a issue with the firing pin. The firing pin hole could have some crud in it, a broken firing pin, or a broken firing pin stop.

Failure to extract – This is when the cartridge stays in the chamber and does not extract. Most of the time the extractor is broken or worn. The fix is to repair or replace the extractor.

Other problems we see are with the sear. The sear spring needs to be replaced or is out of adjustment.

There are many problems that can happen with a rifle.

In Gun Repair – Part 3 Shot Gun Repairs I will talk about all the different repairs we do with shotguns

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