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I enjoy history and guns. I have read over the years records of manufacturers and their firearms back in the early 1900’s and forward. An example of a gun I read about was shipped from the manufacturer to a local hardware store in Decater, Illinois. A couple years later it was sent back to the factory for some trigger work and a few years later it was sent back to be reblued. The history is interesting because in the early years if you wanted something done to your firearm it had to be sent back to the factory. Fast forward to 2017 if you want to customize your firearm you have some many options. One of the options is to change the color or put a more durable coating on your firearm like cerakote.

Cerakote is an industry leader for firearms coating. Cerakote is used by more firearm manufacturers than any other firearm coating at this time. Cerakote is polymer-ceramic composite coating. Cerakote can be applied to metal, plastic polymers and wood. Some of the benefits of using this coating are wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Lohman Gunsmith is a certified cerakote applicator. We take great pride in the application process and take our time which each item that comes in the shop. We talk with the custom to make sure they get back exactly what they had in mind. Anyone can apply cerakote but not everyone can apply cerakote at a factory finish level. Cerakote is the best firearm coating. We take the time to proper mix our colors so that the color comes out the same every time. We use the best spray guns so we can get the best finished product. Each item that comes in the shop get a show quality finish on their item.

Brian Lohman always says, “Everyone wants and deserves a quality job. Some shops do fast jobs and some shops to quality jobs, but you can not do fast quality jobs”.

Here are a few examples of recent work

Lohman Gunsmith is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm you can find our web site on the world wide web at:Lohman Arms web site click hereor you can always call us on the shop phone at 832 849 0009. If we don’t answer we are busy and you should leave your name and phone number twice!

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