Machine Shop

Lohman Gunsmith has a machine shop on site. We are your one stop shop for everything you need done by a master machinest. We use the best machines and tooling to give you a perfect fit. We can do custom cuts and can build replacement parts.

Below are the most common machining projects that people ask for:

          Thread barrel:
                                   Internal threading
                                   External threading 
                                   Threading for muzzle breaks, suppressors, chokes, or thread protectors 
          Cut barrel crowns
          Barrel and slide porting
          RMR cuts
          Drill and Tap holes
          Cut chamber and correct headspace
          Fit and chamber barrel
          Cut barrel crowns
          Barrel and slide porting
          RMR cuts
          Custom made thread protectors
          Tig and Stick Welding

No job is to big or to small.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the turn around time on custom machining of parts? Couple days to a week depending on the size of the project

Do you do all the machining on site? Yes we have a full machine shop on site

Do you do welding? Yes

Do you have head space guages and go and no go guages for all the different calibers? If we do not have it we can rent it

Can you thread my barrel so I can attach my suppressor? Yes

Machine RMR cut, side serations, window cut and cerakote

RMR Cut, Serations, Window Cut, Cerakote

Double dovetail cut on a octagon barrel

Practice piece for Double dovetail cut

Project completed for Double dovetail cut

Cut barrel and mag tube 4 inches and made double dovetail cut for site and magazine tube

Window cut on a Glock 17

Window cut on Glock slide

using milling machine to do a bobtail cut

Machining for a Bobtail Cut

First cut for a Bobtail cut

First Cut for a Bobtail cut on 1911

Second cut for the Bobtail Cut

Completed Bobtail Cut

Getting zero for machining

Dialing in zero

Hunting crown on the Barrel

Hunter Crown

Milling a recessed target crown on a barrel with a dovetail sight cut

Recessed target crown with dovetail sight cut

On the lathe we have a hunter crown

Doing a hunter crown on the lathe

Sako extractor conversion on a Remington 700

External Threading

Internal Threading

Making custom bolt knob

made a front sight post for a pistol

Welded a front sight post

Lohman Gunsmith Custom Thread Protector

Machine Shop Lohman Gunsmith Houston TX

Barrel threading

1/2 28 threading with a taper to the barrel

Thread with a Taper

Brian Lohman is tig welding

Brian Lohman Welding

Lincoln Electric tig and stick welding machine

Lincoln Electric Welder

Lathe machine


Milling machine for milling parts

Milling Machine