Gun Cleaning

Lohman Gunsmith specializes in gun cleaning and  is one of the few shops that can clean and inspect any firearm you have from the 1800's to present. We have years of expirence cleaning all the different firearms you own.

When we clean a gun we don't just throw it in a parts washer or sonic cleaner. We carefully dissasemble the firearm and pay special attention to ever part. We inspect each part for wear and tear. If we think a part needs to be replaces we will call you and let you know.

Shot Guns - Semi Auto Shotgun, Pump Shotguns, Over / Under Shotguns, Side by Side Shotguns
Revolvers - From the early 1800's to present. We have love those single action colts
Semi Auto Pistols - We can clean anyone you have
AK's - No matter where it was made in the world we can clean it for you
AR's - No problem
Bolt Action - Easy Stuff
Single Shot - Love to clean old single shot's

We are open 6 days a week and have fast turn around times of our gun cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the turn around on getting a gun cleaned? 1 - 2 weeks. 

I have a hunting trip coming up and can not wait 1-2 weeks. Can you get it done faster? Yes, but it will cost more to cut the line because we work from the oldest to the newest drop off dates.

I have a Civil War gun I want clean. Can you do that? Yes we can clean and take apart any gun that goes boom! 

Do you completely take apart my gun to clean? Yes we take every spring and screw off the firearm and inspect it and clean and oil it.

Gun Cleaning
Doing a deep clean, oil, assemble on a Kimber 1911

DCOA Deep clean, Oil, Assemble on a Kimber 1911