Flood Repair

Here at Lohman Gunsmith we are your only shop that does complete water damage restoration on Guns call our 24 HOUR FLOOD HOT LINE 832 849 0009

We are in the business of doing restorations on guns that people want to make better. So when you bring in your water damaged gun it is not something new or something we just stated doing. We are the only shop in the area that repairs any firearm and has a full machine shop, coating shop, makes and repairs wood stock, does cerakote, bluing and color case hardening. 

The longer you wait to repair your flood guns the more work we will have to do to bring them back to there original condition. Once you pull them out of the water give us a call

When you bring it to the experts at Lohman Gunsmith we are the best and do more than any other gunsmith shop the USA.

We have the ability to work on any firearm old to new. The minute you bring your gun in the shop we start work on them. We can restore wood or metal. 

We have done hundreds of flood guns below are a few examples. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there different level of water damage repair? Yes, we can do a simple deep clean. We take every part off the gun clean, inspect, oil and put back together. We are able to treat the wood also. To a full restoration where we make the gun look like the day you bought it. 



Germany Luger P-08 fully restored

Luger P-08 completely restored after Harvey Flood

cerakoted this black powder barrel after flood damage

Cerakoted this barrel after flood damage

Walther pistol rescue after water damage

Walther rescue after water damage

Flood water damage to a Glock before and after

Glock before and after flood damage

cylinder damaged done by water

Water damage to a revolver cylinder

Revolver cylinder restored from water damage and honed

Revolver cylinder restored from water damage

Beretta model 686 water damage gun stock

Beretta 686 water damage

Repairing flood damage to Beretta 686 Shotgun stock

Repairing flood damage to Beretta 686 Shotgun

Completed flood damage repair to Beretta 686

Beretta 686 Flood damage repair completed

Stock damaged in flood

Water damage stock

Stock that was repaired from water damage

Repaired Water Damage Stock

Water damaged pistol

Pistol damaged

Water damaged pistol restoration

Restoration complete