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Flood Gun Restoration Experts

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Lohman Gunsmith is one of the foremost experts of restoring your flood gun. Houston has a flood problem on a good day because we care flat as a pancake and most of the city sits anywhere from 38 – 115 feet above sea level. There just is not anywhere for the water to go. We […]

Firearm Restoration Part 2

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In part one of the firearm restoration I talked about why someone might want to get a gun restored or do a restoration on it. In part two I am going to talk about the different levels of restoration Levels of Restoration I. Cleaning Restoration – where you might go in clean the gun and […]

Lohman Gunsmith October Newsletter

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It’s October and Fall hunting season is in the full swing. This means a lot of bird hunters have been in the field. Make sure you clean your guns, and check them over good. Most people tighten there chokes to tight. You should just hand tighten it with your finger. You should have to tighten […]