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Gun Cleaning – Deep Clean, Oil, Assemble (DCOA)

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Maintenance is probably the best thing you can do to any type of machine, engine, and gun. Just like taking your car in for regular oil change you need to take your guns in for a professional gun cleaning. Lohman Gunsmith is Houston Gun Cleaning experts. We have over 100 years of experience. At Lohman […]

Flood Gun Restoration Experts

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Lohman Gunsmith is one of the foremost experts of restoring your flood gun. Houston has a flood problem on a good day because we care flat as a pancake and most of the city sits anywhere from 38 – 115 feet above sea level. There just is not anywhere for the water to go. We […]

Time to Clean your Shotgun – Call Lohman Gunsmith

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Is it time to clean your shotgun? With just a couple weeks until Dove season open in Texas you should now be thinking about pulling that shotgun out and making sure it is ready to go. 90% of problems we see here at Lohman Gunsmith with shot gun fail to feed or fail to fire […]