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Flood Gun Restoration Experts

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Lohman Gunsmith is one of the foremost experts of restoring your flood gun. Houston has a flood problem on a good day because we care flat as a pancake and most of the city sits anywhere from 38 – 115 feet above sea level. There just is not anywhere for the water to go. We […]

Color Case Hardening

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Color Case hardening is the process of case hardening the surface of the metal. The metal underneath remains soft which will produce a thin layer of harder metal at the surface. This is called the case. Gun makers have long used this process in the manufacturing of firearms. The word Color is a reference to […]

Firearm Restoration Part 2

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In part one of the firearm restoration I talked about why someone might want to get a gun restored or do a restoration on it. In part two I am going to talk about the different levels of restoration Levels of Restoration I. Cleaning Restoration – where you might go in clean the gun and […]