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Broken Stock Repair

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As I read the morning Houston Chronicle paper. Yes I am probably the last person on earth that gets a morning paper everyday, and reads every section. I read the headline World-famous Houston heart surgeon, Dr. Denton Cooley has died. As I read all the great things he did I think about what project I […]

Firearm Restoration Part 1

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Lohman Gunsmith specializes in firearm restoration. Many firearms are passed down through the generations. You grow up as a boy seeing your father and grandfather use certain firearms. You admire them and as you grow older these guns get meaning and stories associated with them. As the relitives who owned these guns pass away they […]

Gun Repairs – Part 3 Shotgun Repairs

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In Gun Repair – Part 2 I talked about rifle repairs, and some of the most common repairs we see. In Gun Repair – Part 3 Shotgun Repairs I will talk about all the different repairs we do with shotguns. Most of the problems can be fixed on shotguns with a good deep clean. The […]