Custom Gun Stock Makers


Lohman Gunsmith is one of the finest custom stock makers in the United States. Lohman Gunsmith does custom stock making and stock repair. We do not use a CNC machine or cut out patterns. We measure and cut and shape the stocks to the dimension and style you want with mostly hand tools.



We can make a stock for any rifle or shotgun in a one or two piece configuration. We can make it any length, style of cheek piece. We can do Ebony grip cap or Ebony forend tip. We can put a cartridge trap in the stock. We build the stock to the exact specs you want. Your stock will be perfectly inlet and bedded with a hand rub finish with pore's open or closed.


We use the finest wood from all over the world:

French Walnut (Juglans Regia) of the 40 or so species of Walnut, this strong close grain wood is the most prized wood to use in custom stocks because of the strength, beauty, and ability to shape.

Claro Walnut (Juglans Hindsii) This is very similar to Eastern Black Walnut . This is considered the most beautiful of all Walnuts because of it side variation of figure and color

Myrtle (Umbellularia California) A very strong and dense wood with color and figure and is light in color with dark mineral streaks showing fiddleback figure

Maple (Acre Macrophyllum) This is a very strong and durable wood with the weight comparable to Walnut that is generally light in color and bright fiddle back and quilt like figure.

Bastogne Walnut The rarest of all walnut woods, is a natural cross between California English Walnut and California Claro.

Wood grades range from plain, fancy, extra fancy to exhibition grade, all with varying quality of grain and figure.


We can do had cut checker on your stock or forened.

Browning X bolt custom made stock made by Lohman Gunsmith

Browning X Bolt custom made stock picture 1 of 3

Browning X Bolt custom made stock picture 2 of 3

Browning X Bolt custom made stock by Lohman Gunsmith picture 3 of 3

Browning X Bolt custom made stock picture 3 of 3

Custom made Martini Stock and Forend for 22 long rifle

Martini Stock and forend for 22 Long Rifle from wood blank

22 long Rifle stock for Henry lever action

Stock for Henry lever action 22 long rifle from wood blank

Drawing out lines to cut out a new stock from block of wood

Belgium .410 side by side making a new stock

Lines drawn to cut out stock from block of wood

Belgium .410 side by side lines drawn

completed Belgium .410 side by side stock set

Belgium .410 side by side stock set

Inlet a custom coin in a wood stock

Inlet a coin in a wood stock

Completed Ruger #1 stock project picture 1

Ruger #3 Stock work

Ruger #1 hand rub finish

Ruger #1 stock made from blank

Forend checker of Ruger #1 stock

Ruger #1 forend shaped form blank

Ebony forend tip

Making a Ebony forend Tip

Forend of rifle done with ebony

Ebony Forend tip

Checkering a gun stock

Stock Checkering

Shaping for in letting side plate on shotgun

Shaping side plate

shaping and in letting for the side plate of a shot gun

Shaping for the side plate

In letting for side plate on shotgun complete

Side plate in letting complete

trigger in letting for shotgun project

In letting for trigger

In letting trigger guard on a shotgun

In letting trigger guard

making sure the trigger guard fits during in letting process

Test fitting trigger guard

Shaping butt plate on a shotgun

Shaping butt plate

shaping butt pad for 410 shotgun

Shaping of the butt plate

testing how the butt plate fits

Testing butt plate fitment

making a ebony grip cap for a shotgun

Making Ebony grip cap

Ebony grip and inleting for lever done on shotgun

Grip cap set and inlet for lever done

Shotgun stock grip cap in letting done

Inlet complete

Inletting 410 shotgun

Inletting Action Photo 1

Inletting 410 action photo 2

Inletting completed photo 2

Inletting 410 action photo 3

Inletting action photo 3

Inletting action of 410 shotgun complete

Inletting Action Complete

square block of wood to make shotgun forend

Block of wood to make forend

Barrel channel cut in forend of shotgun stock

Barrel channel cut in Forend

Install Ebony Forend Tip on shotgun

Install Ebony Forend Tip

Installing wedge for Ebony Tip Photo 2 for shotgun
Installed wedge for Ebony forend tip on shotgun

Installed wedge for Ebony forend tip

Wedge installed for Ebony Tip Photo 2 on a shotgun

Wedge installed for Ebony Tip Photo 2

Fitting The Ebony Tip on a forend of a shotgun

Fitting The Ebony Tip

Ebony tip support complete on our shotgun

Ebony tip support complete

Barrel bedding tool for shotguns

Barrel bedding tool

Barrel bedding complete for the shotgun

Barrel bedding complete

Doing rifle stock inletting

Inletting a stock

Forend shaping completed on the shotgun

Forend shaping completed

Forend completed photo 2 on the shotgun project

Forend completed photo 2

Custom making Ruger #3 stock

Ruger #1 build

Wood stock in gun making craddle

Ruger #1 in stock craddle