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Broken Stock Repair

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As I read the morning Houston Chronicle paper. Yes I am probably the last person on earth that gets a morning paper everyday, and reads every section. I read the headline World-famous Houston heart surgeon, Dr. Denton Cooley has died. As I read all the great things he did I think about what project I […]

Gun Repairs – Part 2 Rifle Repairs

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In Gun Repairs – Part 1 Hand gun Repairs I talked about all the different repairs we do with hand guns. In Part 2 I will talk about rifle repairs. Rifle repairs are fun because the older rifles have a lot of memories for the person bringing it into the shop. They have memories of […]

Gun Repairs – Part 1 Handgun repairs

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Probably the best part of being in the gunsmithing business is working on gun repairs and getting to see all the different guns that come into the shop. We had a revolver that Colt certified was in Cuba during the Spanish–American War. It possible made the charge up San Juan Hill, also known as the […]