Brian Lohman MFG

Brian Lohman MFG is a manufacturing division. Over the next several months we will start manufacturing many different items. Check back to see what we are doing.  


Brian Lohman MFG finest 1911 in the world

Brian Lohman MFG Custom 1911 Pistol

We are manufacturing some of the finest 1911's in the world.

Every component hand fit from frame to sights to bring together a match grade combat ready pistol.

Model: YMIR - Commander 1911 in .45 ACP caliber

Barrel: Nowlin 416R stainless match grade 4.25”

Finish: Color case frame, two –tone high polished bluing finish on slide, and hardware

Stocks: Lace & Burled Red Wood

Sights: Novak VU notch rear sight, Novak 14 kt gold front sight

There are 18 parts with matching last 3 digits of pistols serial number with a proof mark of an American Seal Eagle holding arrows and olive branch.

  1. Slide
  2. Grip safety
  3. Extractor
  4. Trigger
  5. Slide lock
  6. Thumb Safety
  7. Hammer
  8. Firing pin stop
  9. Magazine release
  10. Guide rod
  11. Bushing
  12. Plug
  13. Main spring
  14. Left grip
  15. Right grip
  16. Barrel
  17. Mec-Gar7 round magazine
  18. Mec-Gar 8 round magazine

YMIR features: Caspian, Nowlin, Wilson Combat, Novak, Harrison Design, and Ed Brown’s highest quality parts available. The use of these parts as its building foundation are a key factor to what gives YMIR strength, and durability.

YMIR’s Build: Over 10hrs of precision machine and hand fitment by our gunsmiths has gone into YMIR. From the fitment of the sights to the expert fitment of the frame/slide/barrel, and everything in between, zero inaccuracies were allowed. Holding ourselves to these high standards gives YMIR exceptional reliability, and on target accuracy.

YMIR’s Finish: Over 12hrs of hand sculpting and polishing of parts by our gunsmiths has gone into YMIR. All external parts have been substantially modified to make YMIR one of a kind. Our bluing, color casing, and custom grips truly bring this firearm together. To a level, we believe, not reached before.

YMIR’s Details: Inside, where no one may ever venture to look, you’ll find several parts have been engraved. 18 parts in total including the slide, barrel, grips, and magazines. All 18 parts feature the American Seal (Eagle), and the corresponding last 3 digits in YMIR’s serial number. Making this an all matching parts firearm, increasing YMIR’s value now, and into the future. YMIR’s grips are the accumulation of searching through thousands of feet of wood to find a 2ft section of unique lace and burled Red Wood. Hand fit to each frame giving the perfect deep red/brown contrast to the bluing and color casing. To top off YMIR, there sits a low profile VU notched rear sight. At the other end sits a 14kt Gold front sight, truly the tip of the iceberg to a culmination of excellence underneath.

MSRP $8500.00


1911 pistol in .45 acp

Starting a 1911 Build

Levi making custom parts on our Tormach 1100M CNC

Levi and our Tormach 1100M CNC

Brian Lohman MFG is starting to make suppressors. Below is our first suppressor model: Vidar We will be manufacturing them in several calibers. We will be  making suppressors from .17 cal - .458 cal. and also caliber specific ones like .25 cal, 277 cal, and .284 cal to maximize effectiveness. We will also be doing special order suppressors. Our base color will be black but we will be able to do any color or design for special orders. 

Building Suppressors and this is for a 9mm

Building Suppressors

full view of the Vidar Suppressor by Brian Lohman MFG

Vidar Suppressor by Brian Lohman MFG

Brian Lohman MFG will be making some of the finest 1911 grips. We will be making them out of the finest and most exotic woods in the world. 

A piece of Red Wood Lace Burl for our custom 1911 grips

Red Wood Lace Burl for our custom 1911 grips

Cutting our Red Wood Lace Burl into sections to make grips Burl into grips

Cutting our Red Wood Lace Burl into grips

Board has been cut into sections to make grips

sections cut for our grips